Counselors Care Fund - Helping Our Own

The ACA Foundation's "Counselors Care Fund"

Helping Counselors in Times of Need

You may already know the history of the ACA Foundation's "Counselors Care Fund," but now there's more to tell.

Following the tragedies in New Orleans brought on by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the ACA Foundation stepped forward to help those in the counseling profession affected by these disasters. The "Counselors Care Fund" was created then to help counselors and local ACA branch organizations get back to business at a time when their professional assistance was needed the most.

It was an effort that brought an immediate and strong response from ACA members. More than $53,000 was raised in a short time to provide assistance grants to counselors in New Orleans and surrounding areas and, to date, over 65 grants have been made to assist counselors there.

But while the immediate needs of a disaster like Hurricane Katrina have now passed, the demands of new natural disasters in a variety of forms are an ongoing reality. Whether the event is a flood, fire, tornado, hurricane, or other major disaster, there are often cases where counselors are directly affected, sometimes losing offices, books, and equipment... sometimes losing everything related to their profession and work.

Those are cases where the "Counselors Care Fund" needs to help, and has to be ready to do so at a moment's notice.

That's why, this past year, the ACA Foundation's Board of Trustees expanded the original mission of the "Counselors Care Fund." The goal is to make the Fund an ongoing program that's immediately ready to offer assistance whenever tragic events affect members of our profession.

The "Counselors Care Fund" is a program of counselors helping counselors.

And for the Fund to be ready to help when needed, your support is needed now. We invite you to make a donation to the "Counselors Care Fund." Your tax-deductible gift, in whatever amount, will help ensure that we can continue to help our own in times of need.

To make your tax-deductible gift, please call 1-800-347-6647, x350 to make a credit card donation or mail your check to the "Counselors Care Fund", c/o of ACA Foundation, 6101 Stevenson Avenue, Suite 600, Alexandria, VA 22304.

Working together we can be ready to assist counselors at those times when their services are most needed!

Counselors Care Fund Grant

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