ACAF Publications

Terrorism, Trauma and Tragedies, Third Edition
Edited by Jane Webber and J. Barry Mascari
The field of disaster mental health has evolved substantially since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001-as has this book.
Published in 2010
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Becoming a Counselor: The Light, the Bright, and the Serious, Second Edition
By Samuel T. Gladding
Through the use of memorable and often humorous vignettes, Dr. Gladding shares his rich treasure trove of experiences and wisdom drawn from his 30+ years in the profession.
Published in 2009
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Counseling for Social Justice, Second Edition
Edited by Courtland C. Lee
This one-of-a kind resource will help you become agents of change and champions of social justice. Learn about the social, cultural, and economic systems that perpetuate injustice and inequality and what you can do about it.
Published in 2007
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Other ACA Foundation titles:

Therapeutic Dinosaur Games
By Bradley T. Erford
Innovative board game series that helps children and teens understand and cope with a wide range of life issues, such as divorce. One board with different card sets allows for a variety of games.
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Family Counseling for All Counselors
By David M. Kaplan et al
Published in 2003
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Preventing Substance Abuse: A Guide for School Counselors
By Amos Sales
Published in 2004
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